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Catatan si Boy 2 (1988)

Catatan si Boy 2 (1988)

Genre: Drama, Romance
Tahun: Durasi: 92 MenitDilihat: 530 views

Prisca (Vena Melinda) and Vera (Meriam Bellina) friends when they both studied in Los Angeles. Prisca is Emon’s brother (Didi Petet). When Vera and Priska returned to Indonesia, they immediately separated. Vera remains in Jakarta, while Priska lives in Bandung. Emon introduces Prisca to the Boy (Onky Alexander). Priska is interested in Boy’s appearance and kindness. Boy only regards Prisca as a beautiful and sympathetic woman. Boy’s kindness was shown when Boy was willing to take Priska to Bandung. One day Boy meets with Vera and from then on they are back in mutual interest and make love.

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